Stir fry with salsify, broccoli, courgette and beansprout

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Still making some great discoveries with the vegetable box membership… I am so impressed by that as I was not expecting so many things to discover as I am really fond of cooking and I like to try new things (before the membership). Last week, I have two things that surprised me.

The first one was the salsify, I had a vague memory from my childhood of some white sticks but I couldn’t remind the taste and for sure it was from a can. So, I was so surprised to have some in the box: black thin kind of tube with weird roots at the end … (not really appealing at first)

The second one was the broccoli, it was not the usual big green broccoli, the one that I get were looking more like flowers than broccoli. I decided to use the top part of the stir-fry and use the leftover for making some delicious pesto.

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In this stir-fry, I also decided to have some been sprout, the whole combination was really delicious.

  • SERVE: serveserve
  • PREPARATION: 10 minutes
  • COOK: 10 minutes + 30 minutes for wild rice

What do you need?

  • 24 g of broccoli
  • 80 g of salsify
  • 50 g of courgette
  • 200 g of beansprout
  • ½ onion
  • 60/70 g of a mix of wild rice (1/3 of Camargue rice and 2/3 of brown rice)
  • 2 tablespoon of soya sauce or Tamari sauce
  • 2 tablespoon of olive oil or sesame oil
  • Sesame seeds

How to make a Stir fry with salsify, broccoli, courgette, and beansprout on a layer of wild rice?

  • Start by washing carefully all the vegetables
  • Peel the salsify and slice it

! As the salsify is quite sticky when peeling it, it is better to peel it under running water

  • Slice the courgettes into small cubes or spiralise it for making various shape in the stir fry
  • Depend on the size of the broccoli, if it is a big one, slice it if it is rather small, leave the florets as they are
  • Peel the onion and chop it
  • Cook the rice as indicated on the packaging

! Usually 20/30 minutes for wild rice

  • Heat the wok with the oil
  • When the wok is hot, through away the salsify and stir it for 3 minutes at medium heat
  • Then add the chopped onion and the broccoli, stir it for 3 minutes
  • Add the courgette and the beansprout and stir it for an additional 2 minutes
  • Add the soya sauce and stir it quickly
  • In a plate, add a layer of the cooked wild rice and then add the stir fry
  • Sparkle roasted sesame seeds on top

! For roasting sesame seed, just heat the seeds in a pan without oil at medium heat for a couple of minutes. Be careful, it can burn really quickly

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