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Stir fry with Brussels sprout, broccoli and Daikon

Stir fry daikon 12

Stir Fry is not something that I really know when I was living in Paris, I discovered it when we moved to UK. I think it is after watching some many videos on how to do spring rolls that I wanted to buy a wok and then start doing stir-fry. The first attempts were not…

Vegan cabbage stir fry

Cabbage stirfry 42

A new recipe made with all sort of cabbage: Kohl Rabi, kale, pointed head cabbage… all cooked really quickly in a wok for making a stir-fry, that helps to keep all their goodness. Adding some corn to the recipe adds a touch of colour… so delicious. SERVE:  PREPARATION: 10 minutes COOK: 30 minutes DIFFICULTY:  What do you…

Stir fry with salsify, broccoli, courgette and beansprout

stir fry brocoli, salsify, beansprout, courgette 52

Still making some great discoveries with the vegetable box membership… I am so impressed by that as I was not expecting so many things to discover as I am really fond of cooking and I like to try new things (before the membership). Last week, I have two things that surprised me. The first one…