Lunch box: Pink spaghetti with beetroots and carrots

Beetrots and carrots spaghetti2

Beetroots are the star vegetables of the winter which is great because of their bright colour… but after a couple of months, it could be quite overwhelming to have them on weekly basis via a subscription vegetable box. Once I served them in salads, stir fry…. It is looking like I did all what I…

Vegan pizza with mushrooms

vegan pizza 32

I used to make pizza for the weekend lunch as it is convenient to make and it is a way to eat comfort food with the value added to be homemade. I used to make a mozzarella, goat cheese and cheddar pizza, heavy on cheese… but that was before I discovered that I am dairy…

Beetroots and orange salad

Betroot and orange 22

Winter is long and the grey colour of the sky is playing with my mood…. So I needed to eat some colourful dish in order to cheer me up. I decided to build the dish around the beetroots are they are pretty common in winter, then I decided to add some orange. I think I…

Vegetable stew with cabbage, turnip, carrots and parsnip

Veggie stew2

A French-inspired recipe with a stew made with cabbage, turnip, carrots, and parsnip. This dish is pretty popular in France, it is something that we have during summer when I was a kid. Usually, it is served with a large piece of meat but since I turned vegetarian/flexitarian, I am trying to find some alternative….

Vegan red kidney ball similar to meatball

Vegan ball 32

When I started to become vegetarian/flexitarian, I didn’t miss meat that much as I am not a meat eater but what I found annoying, it was what can go right with mash or stew if there is no meat. Therefore, I tried to experiment various recipe for achieving some vegan “meatball”. They were some unlucky…