Millet with leeks and thinly chopped broccoli

Millet & brocoli 42

Since I decided to become mainly vegetarian, I discovered so many food that I was not aware of. At first, I thought that I will eat a lot of pasta and rice but that is not the case at all. That is questioning me on some alternative to rice and pasta, that millet appears like…

January King cabbage, swede and carrots soup

Cabbage, carrots and swede soup2

January King cabbage has a name that really suits it as it is synonymous with winter. The matter with the cabbage is that always comes big which is quite annoying when you have only 2 mouths to feed, so it is time to be creative for eating the whole cabbage at various time of the…

Quiche made with green squash

Green squash quiche 62

With the autumn season, I can see a lot of squash everywhere, I like their colours and shapes but I was always wondering if somebody buys them and if so, for doing what? except for decoration purposes…. that what are my questions before I get my membership to the veggie box from Tower Green Hamlet….

Steamed pears served with chocolate sauce and roasted almond flakes

Steamed pear with choco sauce and roasted almond2

I am definitely a sweet tooth, I like to bake cakes… but I also like healthy version dessert with steamed fruits. I already published one with mixed parcel fruits. But this week, as I received some tiny pears in my veggies box, I decided to copy the recipe of Poire Belle Héléne but in simplifying…

Thin onion tart with olives

Thin onion tart 42

I am not a huge fan of onion but since I have a membership with a weekly veggie box, I am trying to find some ways to integrate them into my diet. Looking at all these onions, I had the idea to make an onion soup, but I wanted to try also something different, so…