Pan fried pumpkin, carrots, parsnip, cavalo nero and pancetta

Pan fried pumpkin 32

Halloween is coming…. and pumpkins are everywhere. I like the taste of pumpkin and even if it is pretty hard to peel and prepare, in my opinion, it is worth the effort. Usually, they are quite huge and with only one, mash, pan-fried, soup… can be done. It is quite a value for money vegetable….

Spinach with cream

Spinach with cream 32

Last week in my vegetable box, I received some fresh spinach and that remind me a really old cartoon where the main character was eating spinach for giving him some strength. So, by a weird process of thinking, I decided to make a simple recipe of spinach with soya cream. A vegan recipe that could…

Risotto with Brussels sprout top and Butternut

risotto brussels sprout top and butternut 32

Risotto is easy to make and the combination of ingredients is unlimited which means that I am never bored to eat them. This time, I decided to use the Brussels sprout top which is something pretty unusual for me, but that is the second time that I get it from the vegetable box. Last time,…

Vegan cabbage stir fry

Cabbage stirfry 42

A new recipe made with all sort of cabbage: Kohl Rabi, kale, pointed head cabbage… all cooked really quickly in a wok for making a stir-fry, that helps to keep all their goodness. Adding some corn to the recipe adds a touch of colour… so delicious. SERVE:  PREPARATION: 10 minutes COOK: 30 minutes DIFFICULTY:  What do you…

Red quinoa and bulgur with beetroot, fennel and Swiss chard

red quinoa and bulgur 52

I love the colour of the beetroot but during the winter I feel that I have far too many of them to eat. So now, I am intended to use them for adding colour to the dish that I am preparing. You can have a look at the previous recipe made with beetroots such as…