Whole-wheat pasta with mushrooms

Pasta with mushrooms 22

A quick and easy recipe which combine a good intake of carbs with some vegetables. The use of the soya cream is a way to lighten the recipe and to make it vegan and dairy free.

  • SERVE: serve
  • PREPARATION: 5 minutes
  • COOK: 10 minutes

What do you need?

  • 60 g of whole-wheat pasta
  • 200 g of fresh mushrooms
  • 2 to 4 tablespoons of soya cream
  • Handful of parsley
  • Salt
  • Pepper

How to make Whole-wheat pasta with mushrooms?

  • Start by washing carefully the mushrooms and parsley
  • Then chop the mushrooms
  • In a pan, heat a tablespoon of olive oil at medium heat and then add the sliced mushrooms
  • Add the chopped parsley
  • Cook while stirring for 5 to 10 minutes

! The volume of mushrooms is quite big but all the mushrooms will be reduced while being cooked as they lose water

  • In the meantime, cook the pasta as it is indicated on the packaging
  • Remove the water that has been released by the mushrooms
  • Then add salt, pepper and soya cream and stir it for a couple of minutes
  • Drain the pasta
  • Serve the pasta straight away by adding the mushrooms preparation on top

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