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Whole-wheat pasta with mushrooms

Pasta with mushrooms 22

A quick and easy recipe which combine a good intake of carbs with some vegetables. The use of the soya cream is a way to lighten the recipe and to make it vegan and dairy free. SERVE:  PREPARATION: 5 minutes COOK: 10 minutes DIFFICULTY:  What do you need? 60 g of whole-wheat pasta 200 g of fresh…

Orzo with broccoli pesto, spiralized courgette and black olives

Orzo with brocoli pesto, spiralized courgette and black olive 42

Usually, I served pesto with basic shape pasta but this time, I wanted to change a little bit and made the recipe with orzo. Orzo is something that I found at the bulk shop that I visited a few weeks ago in West London. I will buy it again as it was a good quality…

Pasta with grilled vegetables and red lentils tomato sauce

Pasta with red lentils sauce 52

Pasta based dishes are always associated with comfort food, so there is no harm to make them and make them even tastier with fresh and organic vegetable. To make sure to have a well-balanced dish, I decided to add lentils to the tomato sauce which make it thicker but still really delicious. This remake of…