Potatoes, turnip and wild garlic mash

potatoes and turnip mash 22

What I love the most with the subscription vegetable box is that it helps me to discover new vegetables and plants. Something that I can’t find at the supermarket or that I won’t buy because I am to shy to try something new… but as soon as it is in the box, I must find a way to cook them. This weekend, in the box I had some wild garlic leaves. Have you seen or tried before?

wild garlic2

I am not using garlic a lot as I usually get an allergic reaction after eating it, but I gave a try at those as it tastes like garlic but it is from a different spice. I was glad that it didn’t trigger the allergy. I used the wild garlic into potatoes and turnip mash which was really great served with some lentils and rice ball. This mash can also be served with some red beanball. The use of the wild garlic in the recipe is a massive value added as it adds a lot of taste.

  • SERVE: serveserve
  • PREPARATION: 5 minutes
  • COOK: 20 minutes

What do you need?

  • 500 g of potatoes
  • 200 g of turnip
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • A couple of wild garlic leaves
  • 2 tablespoon of soya cream

How to make some potatoes, turnip and wild garlic mash?

  • Start by washing carefully all the vegetables
  • Peel them and slice them into square pieces
  • Steam them for 20 minutes

!  Add a vegetable stock in the water of the steamer for adding flavour to the vegetables

  • In a mixer, put all the steamed vegetable, with salt, pepper, the wild garlic sleeves and the soya cream, mix them until having a smooth texture

!  If you want to achieve a more liquidly mash, don’t hesitate to add more soya cream or soya milk

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