Steamed pears served with chocolate sauce and roasted almond flakes

Steamed pear with choco sauce and roasted almond2

I am definitely a sweet tooth, I like to bake cakes… but I also like healthy version dessert with steamed fruits. I already published one with mixed parcel fruits. But this week, as I received some tiny pears in my veggies box, I decided to copy the recipe of Poire Belle Héléne but in simplifying the whole process. I only steamed the pears rather than cooked them in juice, the chocolate sauce was quickly done in the microwave. I kept the extra miles by adding some roasted almond flake.

The recipe is really easy to make, the dessert was delicious and not heavy to digest.

  • SERVE: serveserve
  • PREPARATION: 3 minutes
  • COOK: 15 minutes

What do you need?

  • 4 small pears and 2 medium-size pears
  • 15 g of black chocolate
  • 3 tablespoon of soya cream
  • Handful of almond flake

How to make steamed pears served with chocolate sauce and roasted almond flakes?

  • Peel the pears
  • Steam them for 15 to 20 minutes (it depends on how big they are)
  • In a pan without oil, roast the almond flake for a couple of minutes

! Stir them frequently as it can burn quite easily

  • In a small bowl, put the pieces of black chocolate along with a teaspoon of water
  • Put it in the microwave and heat it for 40 seconds
  • Then mix the melted chocolate with the soya cream
  • Put the steamed pear in a serving dish, spread the chocolate sauce
  • Sprinkle the roasted almond flake

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