Thin tart with tomato

Tomato tart 52

I really love eating tomato; I like the taste and the colour, so I tend to add them in a lot of my dishes and salad. I struggled during quite a time to find the perfect recipe for tomato tart. Indeed, when you cook tomatoes, they tend to give back a lot of water which damages the puff pastry. I didn’t want to do a quiche, so I continue to try until I found the perfect trick which was to pre-cooked the pastry and add a layer of cheddar to prevent the puff pastry to become soggy.

In order to give a lot of taste to the tart, I add a layer of mustard straight on the pre-cooked pastry and I don’t hesitate to sprinkle dried mixed herb on top of the tomatoes.

I am glad to share with you today one of my favourite recipes. I really like the mix and of course it contains tomatoes so !!!

  • SERVE: serveserve
  • PREPARATION: 10 minutes
  • COOK: 40 minute

What do you need?

  • 1 puff pastry
  • 3 or 4 tomatoes (depend on the size of the tomato)
  • 2 tablespoon of mustard
  • 50g of grated cheddar
  • Pepper

How to bake a tart with tomato?

  • Start by putting the puff pastry on an oven pan and put it in the oven for 15 minutes at 180°C

! I like to use a rectangular shape mould for this recipe as it gives a different look to the traditional quiche dish. On top of that, I find it easier to put the tomato in a nice order on a rectangular dish than a round dish.

! Before baking the puff pastry don’t forget to add some cherry stone on top of the pastry in order to limit the rise of the pastry.

  • While the puff pastry is cooking in the oven, wash the tomatoes
  • Cut them in a medium size slices
  • Removed the pre-cooked puff pastry from the oven, remove the cherry stone and spread the mustard on top of the puff pastry
  • Add the grated cheddar

! Adding a layer of mustard and cheddar prevent the puff pastry to become soggy while the tomatoes are giving back water during the baking process

  • Add tomato slices

! It is better to squeeze a little bit the tomatoes as they will give water while being cooked and the tart is not looking pretty when the tomatoes slices will be shrunken

  • Add pepper and mixed dried herb
  • Put the tart in the oven for 30 / 40 minutes at 180°C

! You can eye checked that the tart is cooked as you will see that the tomato peel will have shrunken

  • Serve it straight away with a salad

! The tart needs to be served straight away and it is getting cold quite quickly. That is not really good reheated.

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