Stuffed Tomatoes

Stuffed tomato is one of my favourite dish. I enjoy to eat them with rice. Moreover, you can easily eat this dish at the office, quick reheat it on the microwave for 3-5 minutes.

SERVES: serveserveserveserve
PREPARATION: 30 minutes
COOK: 40-50 minutes

What do you need ?

  • 8 middle size juicy tomatoes
  • 200 g tenderloin
  • 100 g lamb meat
  • ¼ onion
  • parsley
  • chives
  • tarragon
  • pepper
  • salt
  • stale Bread
  • milk
  • breadcrumbs

How to make stuffed tomatoes?
How to make the stuffing?

  • Cut the tenderloin and the lamb meat in large pieces

! Tip: the required size of your meat pieces depends on the power of your food processor

  • Put all meat pieces in your food processor
  • Add a chopped onion
  • Add salt, pepper, chives, parsley and tarragon

! Tip: you can easily freeze the stuffing, so don’t hesitate to do it in a large quantity

  • Put some bread pieces (without the crust) in a small bowl and cover them with milk

! Tip: more you add bread, more your stuffing will be smooth

  • Wait until bread absorbs a large part of milk

! Tip: you can do this step before preparing the meat stuffing

  • Them drain them a little bit and add them on the stuffing

How to make stuffed tomatoes?

  • Make 8 balls of stuffing with your hands
  • Then roll them in breadcrumbs

! Tip: I usually place breadcrumbs on a plate and roll the stuffing balls in it
Wash tomatoes

  • Remove a medium size part of the top tomatoes and make some space for the stuffing
  • Put in each tomato a stuffing ball with breadcrumbs
  • Put back the top on each tomato
  • Add a piece of butter on the top
  • Put in the oven at 200°C for 40-50 minutes
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