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Dairy free quiche with swiss chard and tomatoes

Quiche with swiss chard and tomato 52

I really like making quiche as it is easy to make and can be eaten hot or cold which is convenient. In order to vary from the traditional quiche Lorraine, I decided to make a quiche with swiss chard and tomatoes. This recipe is designed for being vegan but in bracket, you will find all…

Onion vegan quiche

Onion vegan quiche 12

There are a lot of things that could be done with onion: onion soup, flamenkuche, thin onion tart like pissaladière (one of my favourite use of onions) and now I am sharing with you a vegan onion quiche. Since I am allergic to egg, I have been trying to find some alternative for making my much love quiche. I tried with…

Quiche made with green squash

Green squash quiche 62

With the autumn season, I can see a lot of squash everywhere, I like their colours and shapes but I was always wondering if somebody buys them and if so, for doing what? except for decoration purposes…. that what are my questions before I get my membership to the veggie box from Tower Green Hamlet….

Coulourful quiche with carrots and beetroots

Colourful 72

It is usually said that we are eating first with our eyes, this is true for me. I usually enjoy most a dish that is well presented and colourful than a similar dish not neatly presented. It is why in my kitchen I have some many small plates and dishes for making sure that the…