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Brussels sprout top leaves, parsnip and potato gratin

Brussels sprout top leaves gratin 52

Making gratin of vegetables are quite easy and it is really convenient for the meals during the week as they can be easily prepared in advance. On top of that, the béchamel based gratin is a nice way to associate eating vegetable and keeping a comfort food side. For this recipe, I decided to use…

Mash with squash and parsnip

Mash with squash and parsnip 22

I would say that mash is the queen of the comfort food, having it homemade adds the value of being healthy (steamed vegetables, not too much salt…). I really enjoy making mash with all the various vegetables that I get from the weekly veggie box. This recipe of mash is really tasty and the flavour…

Grated raw winter vegetables salad

Grated veggie 32

A simple and easy recipe for eating raw vegetables. It was the first time that I ate some raw parsnip and raw kohlrabi (kind of cabbage) and I really like the taste. The recipe is made with soya yogurt as a light and dairy free version but the starter can also be served with mayonnaise…

Green mash with King January cabbage, parsnip, sweet potatoes and carrots

Green mash with cabbage, parsnip, sweet potato and carrot2

The traditional recipe with King Januray cabbage is roasted in the oven, stuff with some vegetable or meat or served boiled with sausage… but this kind of cabbage is pretty big and to eat it all, some new ways of cooking it is necessary. A few weeks/month ago, a soup and lasagne were shared; it…

Pan fried pumpkin, carrots, parsnip, cavalo nero and pancetta

Pan fried pumpkin 32

Halloween is coming…. and pumpkins are everywhere. I like the taste of pumpkin and even if it is pretty hard to peel and prepare, in my opinion, it is worth the effort. Usually, they are quite huge and with only one, mash, pan-fried, soup… can be done. It is quite a value for money vegetable….