Edito 4/03


What’s cooking in Pauline-Cuisine ?

Last week, I went to a street market with a friend, it is an amazing place to be because you can buy any bowl of fruit for only £1, the game is to find the merchant that will give you the must heavy bowl for this price. I have enjoyed the experience and I have bought vegetables and fruits. The only problem with these fruits and vegetables is that you need to use them quite quickly, there are not like the one that you bought in English supermarket.

I have chosen to buy apples because I was in the mood to do an apple pie. So, I have baked a thin apple pie with nuts. I have only used few apples, so I decided to bake the apples with sultanas in the oven. I remembered eating it when I was a child and I remind that it was really tasty because the apple is smooth inside not as compote but almost. I baked these apples and I found again this a little taste of my childhood, so nice, so delicious 🙂 Try this quick recipe and don’t hesitate to post a comment.

I was in mood of cooking my childhood best food this week, so I decided to try Goat cheese and ham puff pastry. It is a quite easy thing to find ready to eat in France but it is not as common as in London. Except for lunch at Waitrose. But I was fed up to eat them because there are full of white sauce and they didn’t contain enough bacon and cheese on it. For the first time, I decided to do a Goat cheese and ham puff pastry for a dinner. It is quite easy to do, I have done my own light white sauce, and I suppose it was the part the most longer of the process to cook this recipe. The taste was wonderful; I like the mix of goat cheese and cured ham. I have done a big goat cheese and ham puff pastry and I have served it as a main course with a salad with walnuts.

I wish a good week and tasty edible experience.

See you next week with a recipe for your daily lunch box.

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