French dried tomato Macarons

Macarons salés 62
The recipe of French macarons is sophisticated. But the result and the taste worth it. Amazing in this salty version 🙂

SERVES : serveserveserveserve
PREPARATION : 30/40 minutes + 15/30 minutes for letting them “croûter”
COOK : 20 minutes at 125°C

What do you need ?

  • 2 eggs white (around 77g)
  • 77 g almond powder
  • 135 g icing sugar
  • 38 g fine granulated sugar
  • Chili and lemon powder
  • Tomato chutney

How to make « French Macarons »?
1. How make the hulls of the French Macarons?

  • Put the 2 eggs white with a pintch of salt in the fridge for about one hour
  • Mix  with a blender 77 g almond powder, 135 g icing sugar. Then siffing the mix with a sieve.
    ! This step is really important as if the almond powder and the icing sugar are not fine enough, the hulls of the macarons won’t be smooth enough
  • Beat the egg whites until it becomes stiff and add the sugar in it
  • Gently add the fine almond powder and the icing sugar. Add it with a flexible rubber spatula
  • Put all the mix in a pastry bag when the mixture is smooth
  • Put a piece of baking parchment in an oven tray
  • Pipe it on the baking parchment in 3 cm circle.
    ! Tip: Put a space around 3 cm between two circles because the mixture will be spread
  • Put French macarons in a dry room for 15-20 minutes in order to allow the hull of macarons to “crouter”
  • Heat the oven to 125°C during 20 minutes
  • Put the oven tray with the macarons in the oven for 20 minutes
    ! Beware: check regulary the hulls in order to avoid burning them
  • Unstick the hulls with boiled water that you will pour between the backing parchment and the oven tray. The steam will help to unstick the hulls

2. How make the French Macarons?

  • Spread one out of two hull with Tomato chutney then put sandwich the two hulls together
  • Add chili and lemon powder on the top of the macaron
  • Store them in a airtight container.

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