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Beetroots hummus

Beetroot hummus2

Hummus is pretty basic food for vegetarian and vegan because it is fully packed with protein. That is really easy to make it and there is some infinite combination. For this recipe, I decided to use beetroot in order to change the flavour, I added some honey in order to balance the flavour of the…

Fennel salad with tomato, chickpea, sultanas and giant couscous

Fennel and giant couscous salad 32

I like the flavour of the fennel but I used to eat it cooked in a soup or when I am doing my own cooking vegetables stock. But this time, I decided to try it raw and enjoy fully the taste. In order to have well-balanced flavours, I made the salad with sultanas, tomatoes, and…

Buddha bowl for lunch box with rice, beetroot, carrots, daikon, chickpea and crispy tofu

Buddha bowl with daikon 32

When I collect the vegetable box from Tower Green Hamlet on Friday night or Saturday morning, I get my mind set for preparing all the weekly dishes toward what is inside. Usually, one of the lunch is a big salad. Indeed, I found it really rewarding to make a delicious salad with extra fresh vegetables,…