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Green mash with King January cabbage, parsnip, sweet potatoes and carrots

Green mash with cabbage, parsnip, sweet potato and carrot2

The traditional recipe with King Januray cabbage is roasted in the oven, stuff with some vegetable or meat or served boiled with sausage… but this kind of cabbage is pretty big and to eat it all, some new ways of cooking it is necessary. A few weeks/month ago, a soup and lasagne were shared; it…

Cake or rosti made with sweet potatoes, leeks and kale

Rosti with sweet potato, leek and kale52

Making vegetables cake is an easy way to eat vegetables and it is always beautiful because full of colours.  This recipe is using kale, sweet potatoes and leeks and there is no egg on purpose, one egg can be used without problem for adding more consistency to the whole recipe.  As I decided to not…

Parsnip and sweet potatoes soup with a dash of truffle oil

Soup with sweet potatoes, parsnip and truffle oil2

I love making soup at night. It is one of way to cool down after a long day at work. But I quite understand that it could be boring to eat soup every night, it is why I have a lot of recipes of soup, don’t hesitate to check on the website (there is a…