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Risotto with courgette, mushroom and broccoli

Risotto courgette 22

Risotto is simple to make and so tasty. This version of Risotto is vegan but you can add some parmesan cheese on top for a cheesy version. SERVE:  PREPARATION: 10 minutes COOK: 20 minutes DIFFICULTY:  What do you need? 215 g of courgette 250 g of chestnuts mushrooms 50 g of broccoli 1 vegetable stock 175g of…

Risotto with beetroots and spinach

beetroots and spinach risotto 42

With the grey and long winter, it is always appreciated to get some colour on your plate. One of the most convenient ingredients in winter for doing that is beetroot. They are in season and therefore cheap to buy and they are full of colour. After sharing the recipe of spaghetti with beetroots, this time is…

Risotto with leeks, kalette and homemade kale powder

Risoto kalette 32

Risotto is something that I discovered pretty lately but that I really enjoyed making and eating it. It is part of a couple of recipe that I have that make endless combinations such as lasagne, stir fry… This risotto is made with a lot of greens such as leek, kalette (this vegetable is a mix…