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Cauliflower mash with leeks

Cauliflower and leek mash 22

I like to make mashed vegetables as it is an easy way to eat various vegetables. On top of that, it is a way to get back to childhood while eating in a healthy way. I like to serve the mash with roasted chicken. SERVE:  PREPARATION: 10 minutes COOK: 25 minutes DIFFICULTY:  What do you need? 300…

Chicken, bacon and leeks with bechamel

Chicken cassolette 42

A great meat-based recipe made with chicken, bacon, and leeks. That is a quite comforting dish that could be prepared one day and heat in the oven the next day, convenient when busy. SERVE:  PREPARATION: 20 minutes COOK: 60 minutes DIFFICULTY:  What do you need? 150 g of leeks 200 of chicken breast 50 g of bacon…

Cake or rosti made with sweet potatoes, leeks and kale

Rosti with sweet potato, leek and kale52

Making vegetables cake is an easy way to eat vegetables and it is always beautiful because full of colours.  This recipe is using kale, sweet potatoes and leeks and there is no egg on purpose, one egg can be used without problem for adding more consistency to the whole recipe.  As I decided to not…