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Orzo with broccoli pesto, spiralized courgette and black olives

Orzo with brocoli pesto, spiralized courgette and black olive 42

Usually, I served pesto with basic shape pasta but this time, I wanted to change a little bit and made the recipe with orzo. Orzo is something that I found at the bulk shop that I visited a few weeks ago in West London. I will buy it again as it was a good quality…

Homemade Broccoli pesto

Homemade brocoli pesto2

Pesto is a nice recipe for avoiding to waste some part of the green vegetable such as the broccoli stem or leaves. The taste is even greater when it is homemade and that is really easy to make. This homemade broccoli pesto recipe has been made with some Purple Sprouting Broccoli leftover. SERVE:  to  PREPARATION: 10…

Brussels sprout top pesto

Brusselsprout top pesto 42

When I get my last veggie box, I was pretty surprised to find what is called Brussels sprout top, I didn’t know that such a thing could exist. As you might know, Brussels sprout is pretty new on my diet as I had bad memories from my childhood, but now I like to make them…