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Country style salad

The sun is back… and the salad is back in our plate. I decided to celebrate the coming back of the warm weather with a salad with potatoes and fried pancetta. The mushrooms are in for adding some freshness to the dish. SERVE:  PREPARATION: 20 minutes COOK: 15 minutes DIFFICULTY:  What do you need? 1 medium size…

Dairy free Flamenkuche

Flamenkuche 32

Flamenkuche is a typical dish from the East of France which has been inspired by the German. Last time that I made the dish for some friends of mine, I texted them that I will make that, they googled it and they decided to call it a “German pizza” which is pretty true. The traditional…

Quiche made with green squash

Green squash quiche 62

With the autumn season, I can see a lot of squash everywhere, I like their colours and shapes but I was always wondering if somebody buys them and if so, for doing what? except for decoration purposes…. that what are my questions before I get my membership to the veggie box from Tower Green Hamlet….