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Salmon “au gratin” with Romanesco cabbage and potatoes

Salmon au gratin 12

Another week, another vegetable box and a great discovery: Romanesco cabbage. The cabbage is looking like a sculptured stone. I decided to use it with potatoes and salmon for making a gratin with a dairy free bechamel. The recipe is fairly easy to make and really delicious to eat either straight after being baked in…

Chicken, bacon and leeks with bechamel

Chicken cassolette 42

A great meat-based recipe made with chicken, bacon, and leeks. That is a quite comforting dish that could be prepared one day and heat in the oven the next day, convenient when busy. SERVE:  PREPARATION: 20 minutes COOK: 60 minutes DIFFICULTY:  What do you need? 150 g of leeks 200 of chicken breast 50 g of bacon…