Edito 18/01


What’s going on in Pauline-Cuisine ?

I took the opportunity that we are still in January for wishing you all the best for 2015. I hope this new year will be full of blossom and tasty discoveries.

Usually, people like to take some resolutions in order to make a good start but so few succeed to maintain them. So in order to help the one who decided to cook more often, you will love this website and the fact that most of the recipes are easy and quick to prepare. This week recipe is one of the simplest; I will share with you the cooking recipe for making a soup of watercress.

In fact, for a couple of year now, a soup for dinner appears as the perfect menu after a long day at work. That is really easy to do; you can even take your shower/bath when it is cooking. This dinner is super healthy and perfect for a good night sleep. The challenge is to find a couple of new soup for adding variety all along weeks of cold winter. For finding inspiration, I decided to go back to my childhood and the various soup that my mum does, and the one that came straight away to my mind is the watercress soup. At this time, it was a kind of festive soup as the watercress was not as easy to find as the one in the UK. My mum used to buy it at the food market and usually it was hard work to wash it. Completely different in UK where you have it ready to use which make the watercress soup like something easy to do and tasty to eat as often as I want.

Have a good week and don’t hesitate to comment the recipe and make some tasty amendments

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