Edible Experience: Gousto bag


Few months ago, I discovered an interesting and attractive offer: Gousto, simply cook. Curious and passionate by cooking, I have ordered this Gousto bag. This is bag that contains ingredients for making 3 chosen recipes.

♦ The concept

As the cooking boxes in France, this Gousto bag helps to cook. The value added of this attractive offer is that provides all the ingredients for doing 3 recipes. This is a weekly delivery. So, before each Wednesday, you have to select three dishes on a selection of 12 recipes, it is a quite large selection of dishes. This selection seems to change every week. Then, you receive your bag full of fresh ingredients.

♦  What is in the bag?

The bag contains all the ingredients for doing 3 chosen recipes.

All the food for the fridge is in a same bag with ice cubes inside in order to keep it cold. That is safe and nice to know that Gousto takes care of ingredients.

Every ingredient is packed in a small plastic bag with a label on it for indicating for which recipe is it for. This is really convenient. There is no waste because everything is delivered in a right proportion for doing the recipe and feed 2 people.

Moreover, the page where the recipe is explained is illustrated, so it is easy to understand quickly.

This bag gives the opportunity to cook fresh food without spending time to look for a recipe and doing the grocery. The way that the recipe is explained and the packaging of every ingredient make the cooking experience enjoyable even if you had a tough day.

♦ My experience with Gousto bag

I have ordered my first Gousto bag two weeks ago, I have applied for these following dishes:

  • Pork noodles in plum sauce with vegetables
  • Chicken with mascarpone, chili, lemon zest with rice
  • Puy lentils with bacon, mushrooms and roasted romano pepper

My first try was for the chicken with mascarpone. Indeed, it was new for me to use mascarpone on a salted dish. Moreover, this recipe seems to be the easiest. It was really quick and easy to do because it is really well explained. The dish looked good and it was tasty.

My second try was for the pork noodles dish. I have the habit to cook Chinese cuisine so I wasn’t surprised by the way to cook, but I was surprised by the ingredient: cassia bark and star anise. I have learnt more about how to cook Chinese marinade. So more than doing a good dish, I have learnt some tips.

The third try was for lentils with rice and bacon. I have ordered this dish because I had a bad memory of lentils and I wanted to try again. I have done the recipe but I definitely hate lentils. Moreover, the recipe was easy but I needed 3 different pans and one oven tray for making it. And I have not enough heaters for doing it as quick as it needed to be done. But that wasn’t a bad experience.

I have enjoyed the cooking experience with the Gousto bag. The ingredients were really fresh and stayed fresh during one week, so that let you enough time to do the dishes. I have appreciated all the small bags with the labels that help for making the recipe quickly.

I recommend this bag if you don’t have enough time to do your grocery and if you don’t have enough space in your kitchen for doing ingredients storage. The products are quite good quality and this offer allows to discover tips for cooking and new dishes to do.

This Gousto box is a really nice concept; my only disappointment was the price: £42. That doesn’t seem far expensive if you don’t have time to cook or to look for a recipe or to do the grocery but is quite expensive if you have already the habit to cook.

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