News 1: From FRICOTE magazine to making homemade “Jaffa Cake”

cover fricote

During Lunch time at the office, I always go on Internet for visiting cooking websites and blogs. This “gourmet escape” allows me to keep me in touch with new recipes, cooking trends, contests and cookery events.

Discovery of a new bilingual cooking magazine: FRICOTE

During one of my last lunch time “gourmet getaways”, I have discovered this new cooking magazine: FRICOTE. A really appealing cover and a themed content about cooking and design, I wanted to buy it. It was not easy at the beginning because the dispatch is not so large. But they have a good website where you can see the various dispatch providers. Moreover, it is a bilingual magazine, so they can send the magazine almost everywhere. I asked to the worldwide provider to dispatch one magazine in a newspaper agent in London. It was really fast and I have enjoyed buying it only few days after ordered it.

Discovery of a new cooking website: recipe for making homemade favorite industrial treat

I have really enjoyed reading this magazine, full of pictures with articles about design and cooking. It was one of the last articles that paid my attention. It was about a new website that provides recipes for making homemade favorite industrial salted and sweet treats. I was touched by this article because it is in all ad equation with the goal of my website: re create in my London kitchen all my French favorite treats. Moreover, the two young ladies who have launched this website are the same age of me. So it was without hesitation that I visited their website :

Making homemade Jaffa Cake (oup’s Pimpants)

When I visited la super superette website, I was really quick to find the recipe that I wanted to test: Les Pimpants, that were the homemade copy of Jaffa Cake. This morning, I made the recipe of these beloved cakes. I used English marmalade and I temperate the chocolate instead of mix it with butter. I used my muffins pan as well in order to give to my Jaffa Cake a quite standardized size. So, the recipe is perfect, the taste of Pimpants is great but the esthetic part is not as the same level as the original and industrial Jaffa Cake. Never mind, I was so proud to say: I did it by myself.

I encourage you to visit this website: ma super superette and I wish you tasty cooking experience.

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