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Kale and Swiss chard puff pastry parcel

Puff pastry parcel with swiss chard and kale 52

I really like the texture of the puff pastry dough. It can be easily served filled like a parcel for a starter or in a larger size for a main with some salad. It is also great for making really puffy dessert. I am so glad to have found a vegan puff pastry, I am…

Puff pastry basket filled with chards and goat cheese

Chard and cheddar 62

I really like puff pastry, used for doing savoury starters or mains. I also kept a good memory of the puff pastries starters that I used to buy when I was a student. So that is like that, that I decided to copy a traditional recipe with spinach and goat cheese and made puff pastry…