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Compote made with apples, plums and pears

Compote with apples, plums and pears2

I like making compote with all sort of fruits as it is easy to eat and full of flavours, for this recipe, I decided to add to the basic apples and pears, some plums. On top of that, it is easy to make a medium batch and store it in glass jar for a couple…

Pears, apple and rhubarb purée

Pears, rhubarb and apple puree2

I like making compote as it is an easy way to eat various fruits. As it can be eaten cold and warm, it is pretty convenient as a healthy treat. SERVE:  PREPARATION: 15 minutes COOK: 20 minutes DIFFICULTY:  What do you need? 2 medium-size pears 1 apple 2 sticks of rhubarb 1 banana 50 ml of lemon…