Edito 07/10/2012


What’s cooking in Pauline-Cuisine?

This week, I have provided  a sweet and elegante French recipe: French chocolate Macron with guava jam. I know macarons become more and more old fashion but they are quite irresistible.

I did a lot of macarons last year until my oven was broken, the door didn’t clip properly and my macrons had not baked properly. I decided to stop to do them until a few weeks ago. I was looking at different recipes on passionate cooker blog when I found a new recipe for doing macarons, a really quick and easy way to do them. So, when I came back home I tried to do them and it was a success, after amending some little things on the original recipe. I tested the recipe because I wanted to use the guava jam that I have ordered from Petite Douceur. Indeed, as usual I used it in my yogurt but last day I wanted to innovate a little bit so I have mixed traditional French Cuisine with a touch of French isles. These macarons are really tasty and you should try them. The key for succeed in, is to have well stiffed white eggs.

The second recipe that I shared with you is a mango whipped cream, another French traditional recipe with an exotic twist.

I hope you will enjoy these two recipes. I will post new recipes each week all along October but without changing this edito. In fact, lucky me, I am going on holidays for three weeks in sunny islands. I will discover Mauritius and a French isle nearby. I am really excited because these two islands are really rich in cooking discoveries such as how to cultivate vanilla, extract sugar…

I wish you a nice October month and see you in November. During my holidays, I hope you will be happy to find nice new French recipes on my website such as Lunch box: pasta with cherry tomato and mozzarella, Beer Bread with Kamut flour and seeds, Apple and Rhubarb tart, Quick chestnuts and yogurt dessert.

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