Edito 10/09/2012


What’s new in Pauline-Cuisine?

This week I would like to share with you my Saturday morning experience. I went with a friend to the wholesale fish market in London. It was amazing to see all these fishes and seafood, some were alive. I went at 6.00 am because it closes at 9.30 am, you need to wake early for taking the opportunity to see this huge fish market, but that is worth it. When I went I was not sure about what I was looking for and I was afraid of the selling quantity. But my fears are now all gone. I bought very fresh salmon filets, scallops and smoked salmon. I have already frozen my scallop and a part of my salmon filets. The other part, I used for doing my first homemade nigiris, it was really tasty. I know it is not French, but sometimes it is quite nice to switch to another type of Cuisine.

On the same subject on Sunday, I was to the Sunday feats of Budaya Kuisina (from Innovative Baker and Cheap Eats Blog). I ate tasty food and it was nice to just sit and wait for the food coming. I really appreciated a Tapioca brown cake (I really need to find how to do it) and an amazing salad which mixed cucumber and mango.

With all this weekend discoveries, I have a full of new ideas on my mind and I can’t wait to come back home and have time for doing some cooking experience and share with you my discoveries.

About discovery, this week, I will share with you one of my new lunch box: colourful salad. It is really easy to do and it is nice to see, and of course, tasty to eat. I let you enjoy this new recipe for putting sun in your lunch break. Don’t hesitate to comment the recipe.

As a real French girl, I always do bread for eating lunch box, I need my bread at each dish. It is why I take time to elaborate each of my bread recipe. So, with this recipe, I recommend you the whole beer bread with airy breadcrumbs.

I wish you a good week. See you next week with a sweet recipe: multi exotic fruits dessert.

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