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Dhal style meal with pumpkin, cauliflower and eggplant

Dhal cauliflower 42

A dhal inspired recipe packed with seasonal vegetables such as pumpkin and cauliflower. The dish can be served like that or with a layer of Basmati rice. SERVE:  PREPARATION: 15 minutes COOK: 30 minutes DIFFICULTY:  What do you need? 150 g of red split lentils 150 g of eggplant/ aubergine 1 onion 200 g of cauliflower 200…

Pumpkin mash

Pumpkin mash 22

Halloween …. and pumpkins are everywhere. There are huge and usually sold for being carved. But I decided to eat one of them and for celebrating the Halloween month, I made a Pumpkin mash, the mix of carrots and pumpkin was really delicious. SERVE:  PREPARATION: 25 minutes COOK: 30 minutes DIFFICULTY:  What do you need? 300 g…

Pan fried pumpkin, carrots, parsnip, cavalo nero and pancetta

Pan fried pumpkin 32

Halloween is coming…. and pumpkins are everywhere. I like the taste of pumpkin and even if it is pretty hard to peel and prepare, in my opinion, it is worth the effort. Usually, they are quite huge and with only one, mash, pan-fried, soup… can be done. It is quite a value for money vegetable….