Kiwi ice cream without ice cream maker

Kiwi ice cream 42

Why don’t try your homemade ice cream for this summer? I couldn’t imagine that it will be so easy and rapid without ice cream maker. This kiwi ice cream is perfectly served for dessert with toasted almond

SERVES: serveserveserveserveserveserve
PREPARATION: 25 minutes
COOK: 15 minutes

What do you need?

  • 400 g of kiwis
  • 100 g of sugar
  • 15 of vanilla sugar (or some drops of vanilla aroma)
  • 75 g of plain yogurt
  • 100 ml of fresh cream (I used soya cream)

How to do a Kiwi ice cream without ice cream maker ?

  • Peel the kiwis and remove a part of the white part in the middle
  • Slice the kiwis
  • In a pan, put the kiwis with sugar and vanilla sugar
  • Cook it on a medium heat for 15 minutes
  • Let’s cool down
  • Then, put the mixture in a blender
  • Add yogurt and cream
  • Mix all together
  • Put the mixture in a box and store it in your freezer for almost 12 hours
  • Serve it cold with toasted almond

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