Salmon maki

So delicious homemade maki 🙂

SERVES: serveserve
PREPARATION: 20 minutes
COOK: 10 minutes

What do you need ?

  • 1 extra-fresh salmon filet
  • 50 of sushi rice
  • 1 sheet of seaweed
  • soya sauce

How to make a Salmon maki?

  • Slice extra fresh salmon filet in pieces

! Tip: if you are not sure of your salmon, it is preferable to freeze before using it in order to kill all the bacteries

! Tip: usually I use the leftover of the sushi for doing the maki

  • Cook the rice with one teaspoon of salt, if you don’t use a rice cooker, you need to cook the 1 volume of rice for 1.5 volume of water

! Tip: The rice is cooked when it has absorbed all the water

  • in the “easy sushi” put 2 or 4 spoons of rice

! Tip: don’t fill in completely the easy sushi, just put rice in the bottom

  • then add one sheet of seaweed
  • add 1 or 3 spoons of rice
  • add the salmon pieces
  • roll it
  • wait 5 minutes before slicing the maki

! Tip: for the best result, you need to have a really well sharpened knife

  • Serve the maki fresh with soy sauce

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