Vegetable Risotto

Vegetable risotto
You’ll enjoy this easy and quick-to-do new version of the traditional risotto! A healthy option as well as it contains high fiber (corn, leek and mushrooms)

SERVES: serveserve
PREPARATION: 15 minutes
COOK: 25 minutes

What do you need?

  • 175 g special rice for Risotto
  • 150 g Chestnut mushrooms
  • 1 leek (we will just use the white part)
  • 1 corn can (it is optional)
  • 1 vegetable stock cube
  • 2 tablespoon parmesan cheese
  • 1 tablespoon Olive oil
  • parsley
  • pepper

How to make a Vegetable Risotto?

  • Wash and peel the chestnut mushrooms
  • Wash and thinly slice the white part of the leek
  • Heat the olive oil in a large non-stick frying pan
  • Put both the mushrooms and the leek to the pan
  • Stir the preparation for 5 minutes at medium-high heat
    ! Be careful to not burn the preparation
  • Put the rice in the pan and brown for 5 minutes
  • Add 30 cl of hot water and one vegetable stock cube
  • Add pepper
    ! Tip: Don’t hesitate to add a reasonable amount of pepper as it will season the risotto !
  • Mix and simmer, at soft-high heat, for 15-18 minutes until the rice has absorbed all the water
    ! Tip: Don’t stir the rice during the cooking so as not to crush
  • Serve quickly with parmesan, maize and parsley

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